Project Objectives

The overall objective of our project follows the Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations (UN), as well as the current bilateral Country Development Goals between Finland and Tanzania: improving local economies, social well-being and governance (MFA 2014). Our overall objective is to gain knowledge and contribute to the development of sustainable sanitation systems in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. This objective is being pursued by enhancing the micro-economies in observed communities through the following project purposes: The Upward Spiral Project seeks to determine the prerequisites for a self-sustaining system that processes and utilizes composted human waste collected from existing dry toilets. This includes investigating the possibilities of engaging existing and new stakeholders within the system.

The overall objectives and the project purpose will be pursued through the setting of three goals:

  1. Analysis on future development
  2. Research on commercial activities within the agricultural sector
  3. Recommendations through relationship mapping

These goals are achieved through interviews with members of the local communities and other relevant stakeholders e.g. urban and industrial farmers, local NGOs and public authorities. Furthermore, we hold workshops with a collaborative approach to gain insights about people’s vision of their future communities and which part the dry toilet system play in this vision.