Centre for Community Initiatives (CCI)


CCI is the national support NGO formed by Tanzanians with the desire to provide technical and financial assistance to the communities living in informal settlements. CCI is supported by Shack/Slum Dwellers International (SDI), which is a network of community-based organizations of the urban poor in 33 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.


Pikku Vihreä Ltd.


Pikku Vihreä is a small, family owned business, founded in 1992, which specializes in manufacturing and selling dry toilets and other environmental products. They are located in Turku, Finland and operate both in domestic and international markets. The company has for example installed toilet systems for a hiking trail along Machu Picchu in Peru and provided toilets for the Finnish International troops.


Sustainable Global Technology(SGT) Programme

sgt-logo-uusittu_smallerSGT Programme is a hosted by Aalto University and runs a set of cross-disciplinary courses that look at the diverse connections between sustainability and usage of technology in developing context.


Tanzania Urban Poor Federation (TUPF)

TUPF is a network of small savings and loaning groups living in informal settlements.