Next up with U R IN: Tanzanitation

Last week we shared some insight on what happened during the field trip, this week we’re talking more about what’s coming up from now on. We’re now all back in Finland, sitting around one table, and preparing for our mid-review. That’s where we’ll start of, although that is not all.

On Monday March 19, we’ll share a pecha kucha -style presentation with the rest of the SGT students, mentors, and teachers. The mid-review is all about us presenting what we’ve accomplished during the past months, especially during the field trip. At the very moment, we’ve preparing a 20-picture slideshow for our peers to get a feeling on what we’ve been up to. Have to admit that it is not easy to put almost three months worth of work in a package of 20 slides and about seven minutes of speech.

Generally speaking, we’re focusing more on analyzing and processing the data that we have gathered, not on gaining more of it, from now on. Although we will be meeting with some more experts in Helsinki, and we hope to organize a few Skype-meetings with some Tanzanian entities. In addition, we still have a couple of lectures where will get more input on processing the information.

One lecture focuses on making sense of our data and visualizing it. At this point, nothing seems more crucial than this. As said, we’re a six headed team and all of us have gathered data during the field trip. We’ve made sense of some, but not of all. It is extremely hard to think about the ways how to make sense of such data that is written all around our notes, and stored in our minds and memories. It’s gonna be fun!

The year comes to and end with the Aalto Sustainability Day at Dipoli on May 18 and our final presentation on Monday May 21. Before that, we’ll work on and send out a press release, give out presentation to our partners, and process.

There’s a lot to do, the project is most definitely not yet over.


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