Kicking off Tanzanitation 2018!

It’s finally time to kick off the Tanzanitation project of 2018 – and we’ll do it by introducing our new team! There are six brilliant minds that were chosen to come together over this intriguing task who are now figuring out how to go forward. There will be many challenges ahead, many questions to answer, but no reason why wouldn’t we be able to tackle those. Are we ready?

As in previous years, the team was chosen from a pool of applicants willing to join the Sustainable Global Technologies -course. Our team of six students representing four nationalities and different study fields, was selected from 44 applications, and have to admit, that the teachers nailed it. There are design skills, engineering power and business intelligence included in the team, spiced up with six different personalities and additional skills and interests that all of us possess.

To dive deeper into who we are as individuals, here are short introductions on all of us.

Nanami “Angie”

Nanami is an engineer student from Japan, enjoying her exchange year at Aalto University. She’s doing her master’s in water and environmental engineering, although her background lays in civil engineering, meteorology and hydrology to be precise. In life, Nanami is interested in human-environment interaction and she’s eager to find out how can both survive in the future. On her freetime she goes out with her camera, and that is something she’ll be doing in our team as well – focusing on the visual documentation and taking a good care of our Instagram. While still at home, one of her Japanese friends gave her the nickname “Angie” that she’s sometimes called here in Finland as well. In addition, she’s a kick-ass karaoke singer and most definitely in the right place in exchange for singing some!


Anni is our Outreach Director, which means that she’s the one contacting all our partners, including you! Anni is currently doing her master’s in water and environmental engineering after getting passionate about the field during her exchange semester in Vienna. Due to her background in microbiology, she’s especially interested in investigating everything related to sanitation, infectious diseases and poop – of course. She loves travelling, flea markets, cooking and watching tons of reality TV. So in case you missed last week’s RuPaul’s Drag Race or Temptation Island, you know who to contact to dish out all the dirt.


Saara is our No. 1 woman in need, as she’s taking care of all the administrative what-so-ever within our team. Currently, she’s doing her master degree in creative sustainability at Aalto, although her background is in industrial management. In life, she’s passionate about finding ways to empower women and about helping people in need. She’s also one kind of an adventurer, as she’s searching for lifelong learning opportunities in challenging environments. As not-a-barefoot citizen of Helsinki, she likes to explore the surroundings and the culinary (read: sweet) food scene of the city, admitting that she might be a little addicted to sugar.


Luisa is the latin soul and general manager of the team, originally from under the Brazilian sun (who leaves the heat for the long, gray and dark winter of ours?). At Aalto, she studies creative sustainability, design as her focus area. In life, she’s passionate about solving complex problems related to sustainability and interlinkages between cultures. In our team – in addition to solving one complex sanitation problem – she’s coaching us to find solutions to it by using different design tools. On her freetime, she binge watches Netflix while eating anything delicious she loves to cook, and a bit of yoga.


Nayoung comes from South Korea and studies International Design Business Management at Aalto. She’s a true graphic design wizard with experience in branding and visual identities. Within this project, you’ll be seeing a lot of her work to be published under our name. For example, the look of this blog is created by her. In life, Nayoung is interested in ordinary people and their lives, and says that life stories from those people inspire her. In addition to loving good food and documentaries, she enjoys studying memes and funny TV shows to learn the best of the best jokes.


After introducing all of my teammates, I can finally introduce myself, the young woman behind the words. I am an Aalto Biz student with a more technological and mathematical background, who has been working with marketing and communications and focuses now on sustainability, social development and entrepreneurship. In this team, I’ll be working with texts, words and messages, while figuring out solutions to emerging problems with the rest of the team. On my freetime, I consume culture and food, in addition to good reads and great conversations. During the past few years, I’ve also found a little boardgamegeek from inside.

After introducing all of us, we’ll be introducing the project in a more profound way. Soon we’ll also be off to Tanzania as well – getting sooo excited!


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