Let’s present Pee-osk for Climate-KIC

Staying motivated after the Tanzania excursion…

After coming back, it was a little difficult to get back into a proper working mode again. I realised that some work had accumulated over time in Tanzania so it was time to dive straight back into everyday life. Welcome back to Finland.

But it was not only the work and busy schedules that were a hurdle to be productive again. I felt quite overwhelmed after the trip with so many things in my mind, so many areas of the project that needed attention. Thankfully our motivation was never in doubt and I believe that we are now on track with our work.

Climate-KIC and how we seek to make sanitation sexier

Based on the findings of our visit, our idea is to create a communication platform for the project itself and also for other people interested in the use of dry toilets in Tanzania. Besides an online platform we are also looking into creating a dry toilet here in Finland for demonstrating the toilets used in our project, practice and awareness raising and establishing shared values with the project in Tanzania.

To take the project further Will looked into applying for the Climate-KIC project, which our mentor Zita had previously won. Climate-KIC is a European network focused on meeting the global challenge of climate change with the core purpose of creating opportunities for innovators to shape the world’s next economy.

Our idea for the application was good but but there was some refining to be done: Jacqui, Will and I set up a meeting and discussed possible options. Despite the primary goal of familiarising dry toilets here in Europe and raising awareness, we really wanted to make this project sexy. Especially after coming back from the trip, I realised that people do not like to talk about this basic human need, let alone use the product for growing foodstuff. Many are grossed off by it, which is sad as it holds a huge potential.

The answer to that challenge of sexiness came rather coincidentally, when we were talking about where to go for our next meeting – pub or cocktail bar? 🙂 Even though we ended up in a pub, we thought of actually growing the ingredients for a Bloody Mary Cocktail with the human fertiliser? All we needed were tomatoes, celery and a sponsor to support us with booze. The idea of Pee-osk was born, a movable Bloody Mary bar paired with a dry toilet to socialise and raise awareness for sanitation issues around the world.

We were super excited! The application is out and the results should be arriving soon. Climate-KIC committee, hopefully we were able to convince you with this sexy sanitation idea.

Yours truly,

Jacqui, Will and Anabel from the Tanzanitation Squad




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