Workshop in Keko Machungwa & Mid-Evaluation

Workshop Day – The Second

After a successful and eventful first official workshop day in Karakata, our second visit in the informal settlement Keko Machungwa was planned for the day.

Our practice session and yesterday’s workshop enabled us to spot the challenges and opportunities that open up through these workshops and based on our experiences, we amended the setup and the focus area slightly to the previous days. I was as usual a little nervous, being on the spot and having to react flexibly is always a little exciting. But the excitement also creates motivation and motivation is something that our group does not lack of, despite the heat during our toilet tours.

Overall, it was extremely interesting to see the difference in the informal settlements, Karakata was more spacious with plenty of green areas surrounding the houses, whereas Keko Machungwa was like a labyrinth, little space and many tiny alleys. Also the involvement of the community members was noticeably different. In Keko we could immediately sense that many people have been working with the ECO SAN toilets in terms of education, construction and maintenance.

The workshop itself went also very well, the translation difficulties had been improved and many of the community members participated actively in the tasks given to them. Particularly the ideation process produced clearer results. From both workshops an obvious learning was that people were not used to the exposure of creative tasks, especially in terms of promoting their own communities. I personally see great potential for future work in the ideation process as it involves people and stimulates the visualization of their value system. This can be of great value in the future for the promotion of urine as a fertilizer.

Asante sana, Keko Machungwa, for this very special workshop day, the new insights and bringing us another step further within our Upward Spiral Project!

Mid-Evaluation with Zita and Matleena

It has been a long week… I think I only realized it Thursday night when we started to prepare the first evaluation presentation for the following day. The work, the communication and the heat have really drained my energy. It is great that we have such a well-functioning team and that we can rely on each other. We decided to outline our presentation and finalize the next day…. Sleep was desperately needed!

As basis for our presentation, we used the mood meter concept that has been previously explained by Venla and Erik. The idea combined challenges anging from personal to project level paired with their importance / impact of those challenges for the overall outcome of the project. It was a valuable exercise to reflect on previous learnings and steer the future focus areas of our project. Project based, we identified the following categories as major findings /challenges:

  • Every slum has to be its own S.W.O.T.
  • the motivation/utilization of the toilets
  • responsibilities regarding the toilets
  • education: use of toilets and urine as fertilizer
  • fragility of the system

One of the greatest statements was stated by one of the community members, a driving force in the promotion of the Eco San toilets:

“We are poor, but not hopeless!”

With these ideas in mind, we have gathered a good basis for the work that is coming up next week. Also the feedback by Zita and Matleena, asking critical questions and also motivation us to go further have granted food for more thought. But now it is time for a break.

Zanzibar, here we come 🙂

Anabel & the Tanzanitation Squad


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