Progressing the prepartions…

How time flies…

Today I realized that it is less than three weeks until we start our site visit to Dar Es Salaam. My parents are sending me my travel backpack, which I forgot to take from Germany the last time I visited home… less than three weeks, hopefully Deutsche Post will let me down here. But apart from that, the preparations are going smoothly. Most of us have had our vaccinations by now and the visa issues seem not too difficult. Let’s hope that the Tanzanian authorities will not change their minds at the entry.

Organizational Work

We are progressing in the project plan, tomorrow we have two more experts meetings, one with Helena Sandman and Tatu Lyytinen. Helena is an architect and currently does her PhD research about housing in Zanzibar, Tanzania. We look forward to gain more insights into the research work within Tanzania and hear about their experiences and possible challenges that we might face during our own research project. Furthermore, we will meet up with Emma Nkonoki, who works in a research group within Aalto University. Another meeting is scheduled this week with Veera, during which we will further work on the project plan, discuss our current strategy and implement the feedback we receive. Thanks much for taking the time to work with us.
For more infomation about our experts, please check out Aalto’s New Global…

There is an update on the funding of our project, in a team effort led by Erik, we finalized the application for a sponsorship from MVTT, the Finnish Fund for Water and environmental engineering.

Planning the travels to a foreign country

Apart from the project work and organizational tasks, one can sense the excitement in our group. No one of our group has been to Tanzania before and sometimes the imagination gets a little out of control, the other day we discussed a contingency plan of who will be part of rescue team “Snake-Alarm” or the team “Bug-Beater”.

So… the trip to Tanzania is coming closer now, we have also decided on accommodation for the stay in Dar Es Salaam. There are many perspectives to take into consideration when booking a place to stay in Tanzania. Really great that we have Zita which we account as a reliable reference when we made our decision. The first week, we will stay at Mikadi Beach, the images of the website look stunning, let’s see how much time there will be to actually enjoy this beautiful setting.

“It occurs to me that our survival may depend upon our talking to one another.” – D. Simmons

Networking is an important business practice, it is crucial to make a project like this happen. This is why we value talking to experts in the field of sanitation, agriculture and dicussing with people that are familiar with the local culture – we are bulding our own little network of smaller and bigger strings of information, with people and organizations, for now and for the future. One of my personal highlights for this week’s progress was a skype call with Dee, who I came to know through my Dad. Sometimes it is great that he is quite talkative, otherwise I would not have been in touch with Dee. Dee lives in Germany and she is originally from Arusha, located in the north-east of Tanzania. She is super interested in our project and she tries to set us up with contacts in Dar Es Salaam, especially with people who do urban farming and other work in the field of agriculture. We are thankful for these contact information, it will highly facilitate the site visit when we already have a starting point of who to talk to. Thank you, Dee, for your time and support towards our project.

Anabel and the #tanzanitationsquad


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