Kick Off!!!

Being someone who loves to travel, I try not to get too excited before flights are booked. I enjoy traveling because I think the best way to learn and understand other cultures/environments/societies is through being there in person and experiencing them for yourself. As an environmentalist it pains me knowing my carbon footprint from each plane ride, but this one is towards making a difference in the sanitation infrastructure, one of the UN’s sustainable development goals! And I am so excited that we have hit the ground running with it!

We done it! Obviously not the whole project, but we booked our flights, leaving around the 2nd (dates vary for members) of March and returning the 27th! We will be mainly situated in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania with potential to go to Zanzibar. And we finished our first draft of our project document! One step further to making this project a reality. We have also completed four interviews with Zita, Elina, Matleena, and Veera, a big thanks to them! We plan to conduct a few more and will try and keep you updated.

Not to mention we officially received our first grant! Thank you to the KY foundation for awarding two scholarships to our business focused students on the team. There are many benefits to working with a multidisciplinary multinational team, one of which being the availability of grants not to mention adding a diverse plethora of knowledge, experience and ideas. 🙂 We’ve accomplished a lot in a short amount of time, but still have more to do!

Now we are set to finalize our draft of the project document, hopefully secure a little more funding, and start laying out a more detailed plan of our site visit! Stay toned for more on the Tanzanitation squads social sustainability development project! And don’t forget to follow us on our Instagram account, tanzanitation!




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