2017 | Upward Spiral


The Upward Spiral Project 2017 was implemented as a part of the Sustainable Global Technologies (SGT) studio course at Aalto University. This project emphasized hands-on the importance of an interdisciplinary team that is one of the key ingredients with the SGT studio course: bringing together students with various backgrounds. The Upward Spiral team consists of six individuals from four different countries and from four different disciplines, comprising design, engineering, and business experience.

Anabel Fischer (Germany)fischer_anabel-3835-21.jpg

Anabel’s background is in International Business, although she is completing her degree with a final dissertation in the field of sustainability and brand value. Through educational and personal experiences, Anabel is convinced that there is a necessity to change the way we do business today. This is one of the reasons why she chose to join the sustainability management -track at Aalto University. In the Upward Spiral team, Anabel worked as the Project Manager. She was responsible for facilitating the team, and keeping track of the project timeline as well as managing this blog.

Jacqueline German (USA)black-and-white.png

Jacqueline has her background in civil engineering, environmental studies, and sustainability, although now she is enrolled at the MSc Creative Sustainability -program at Aalto University. Previously, she worked as a researcher in the geotechnical and wastewater field at her former university, at UW-Madison. In addition, she has worked as an international researcher at SYKE, and as a wastewater plant engineer at Veolia. In the team, Jacqueline was responsible for sanitation research, documentation, and internal communications.

Venla Niva (Finland)f81ffc71-4df5-4df1-b359-243e4f921226.jpg

Venla is a fresh DSc researcher in Water and Environmental Engineering at Aalto University. Throughout the SGT-studio course in 2017, Venla operated as a researcher and Editor-in-Chief.

Erik Salminen (Finland)

Erik is a Water and Environmental Engineering student at Aalto University. Erik completed his bachelor’s degree in 2016, and has since worked on his master’s.03b993eb-efd9-42aa-a147-4c07a05a57f8He is currently working for the Finnish Water Utilities Association. An avid traveller since childhood, Erik has always been up to visit new countries and work with people from different backgrounds. In the team, Erik worked as the Lead Outreach Director and was in charge of personal communication i.e. grants, sponsorship, locals, etc.


Tuuli Teittinen (Finland)screen-shot-2018-03-14-at-20-38-22.png

Tuuli is a master’s student in Water and Environmental engineering at Aalto University. Before starting her second master’s degree at Aalto in September 2016, Tuuli studied Environmental Science and Policy at the University of Helsinki, from where she graduated in autumn 2017. Within the Upward Spiral team, Tuuli aided in scientific research.

Will van Twuijver (the Netherlands)

Will is a designer currently enrolled in a MA in Collaborative & Industrial Design, with a minor in Creative Sustainability. After graduating from his BA in Interior Architecture at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in 2012, Will worked as a freelance designer on several project evolved around Low-Tech, DIY, and participatory design. Within the SGT-studio course in 2017, Will was responsible for aiding and facilitating the design process as well as producing (data) visualizations.